Roll off Dumpster Rental

The first thought that crosses your mind when you hear or read the word Roll-off Dumpster Rental, anywhere, is – garbage, junk, or waste disposal. And you are not to blame. For decades, these moveable containers have been used to dispose of trash and junk.

The reason why the dumpster containers are popular for dumping the waste is that you can almost dump anything using a dumpster, be its commercial, industrial or domestic waste, dumpsters are a quick way to get rid of it all at once.

But is trash disposal all that you can do with these gigantic containers?

If you are thinking that roll-off dumpster rental has only one use that is to let go of your junk; then you would be amazed to know that there are certainly other ways to utilize this big bin as well. YES! You are reading it correctly.

As the trend of DIYs is under the limelight these days, many people are exploring various DIY tricks to transform this trash bin into something cool, creative and useable. Do you want to explore your DIY roll-off dumpster options? If yes, then continue to read this article and we promise here we are not going to talk about your trash or junk!

Where To Get An Old Dumpster?

Before starting our discussion on how to re-use or up-cycle a dumpster container, it is important to know where to get it? While some of you have already been wondering about this question, most of you are not even sure that you can have a dumpster, all by yourself.

As the roll-off dumpsters and other dumpsters are rented, when people need to remove their junk or construction waste; many people couldn’t find where to get one permanently. Well in case you want to buy an old and used dumpster container, we are helping you find them.

The first place to look for old and used dumpsters that are no good for waste disposal is the dumpster rental service provides. And in case you couldn’t find a dumpster at the provider company, you may want to look at the junkyard or junk shop. Furthermore, there are some online suppliers who sell old and used dumpster rentals as well.

Are Dumpster Containers Safe To Be Used Otherwise?

The roll-off dumpster rental was designed to carry almost every kind of waste, including hazardous alkaline batteries, home cleaning chemicals, and other inflammable chemicals and waste materials.

Moreover, these moveable waste containers, stay outdoors and most of the times when people are filling them with their domestic or construction waste.

For these reasons, the manufacturers of the dumpsters have used such materials to compose it that is safe to use. Whether its the hazardous waste or non-hazardous waste, your safety isn’t compromised. Plus the containers can also stand out the harsh weather conditions such as intense sunlight or rain.

Also, the dumpster containers are perfectly eco-friendly and do not harm the natural environment. Considering all these facts, it is not wrong to say that roll off dumpsters are safe to deal with waste as well as to turn it into innovative and creative things as well!

Top 8 Creative Ways To Reuse Roll-Off Dumpster

The web is full of smart and creative ideas to reuse and upcycle your regular roll-off dumpster rental. Some people, especially artists like Mac Permo, has turned this big waste bin into a moveable art gallery. Not only this, but you can also find people on the internet who have turned the dumpster containers into boats, moveable trailers, and mobile dumpsters as well.

Don’t worry, as you don’t need to skim through the internet for DIY roll-off dumpster ideas. Out of a large number of ideas we have selected and listed the 8 best upcycle roll-off dumpster ideas for you here.

1.   Create Bench Gardens With Roll-off Dumpster:

If you have ever used a roll-off dumpster rental, then you would have known that it comes in five different sizes including, 10 yards, 15 yards, 20 yards, 30 yards, and 40 yards. Furthermore, the shape of the roll-off dumpsters is not strictly cubic rather than it is rectangular. Both the size and shape of the dumpster makes it a perfect candidate for creating a unique style bench.

And we are not talking about a simple bench, rather something that comes with a mini garden. Whether you want an innovative and creative sitting in your backyard; or its a new roadblock where the authorities may want something creative, by upcycling the junk bin – roll-off dumpster bench gardens is your best option.

If this is what you are looking for then you are going to need 10 yards and a 15 yards roll-off dumpster rental, a comfortable bench seat, flowers or plants of your choice, and lots of topsoils. Oh but don’t forget to re-paint the dumpsters, unless you want a rustic look!

2.   Build Urban Gardens Using A Roll-off Dumpster:

Another way to upcycle the traditional trash bin – roll-off dumpster is to transform it into an urban garden. This idea works best for those people who don’t have a big garden, backyard or don’t have it at all. If you are low on space, then the best dumpster size to bring this creative idea to reality is the 10 yards one.

This size is ideal to create urban gardens. The reason is simple, even if you want to place these roll-off dumpster urban gardens in a large space like public gardens, sidewalks, etc, these would look perfect without making it overcrowded.

This roll-off dumpster upcycling idea is the easiest one of all, as it doesn’t require much of a work. All you need to do is to get an old dumpster, fill it with the garden dirt, sow some plants and paint it. That’s all, and you can have your DIY urban garden within a day or less, without spending lots of money.

3.   Make Pools and Hot-tubs With Dumpster:

One of the most popular uses of dumpster rentals other than the junk removal and disposal is converting it into a pool or hot-tubs. It is both shocking and amazing at the same time. No matter how unbelievable able it may sound to you, many people have been using old dumpsters as hot-tubs and swimming pools.

Dumpster diving is the term that is used for the swimming pools and hot-tubs, built in a roll-off dumpster. To use the roll-off dumpster as a hot-tub you don’t need to do a lot of work. Simply just fill in the container with lots of water, attach a stair, and you are good to go.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a more sophisticated, and elegant use of dumpster rental; that you can enjoy as well as which can add value to your property as well, then converting it into a pool is a great option! But it might cost you a good deal of money.

4.   Convert The Roll-off Dumpster Into Outdoor Game-room:

The table tennis, tables are indeed very expensive, that not everyone can afford. If you are a fan of outdoor table sports, like ping-pong, table tennis, or any other table game, then you would be glad to know that you can convert an old dumpster into a great table game. It is, in fact, one of the best as well as excessively used, the transformation of the dumpster.

The reason why this roll-off dumpster conversion is popular is that it’s very cheap and there is no such hard work involved. To turn the dumpster into a sports table, you just have to add a hardboard and a net. You can use it even outdoors.  Due to the quality and durability of the dumpster container, there is nothing to worry about seeing wear tear, any time soon.

5.   Create Your Personal Mini Skate Ramp:

If you are a thrill lover who loves skateboarding, then you would totally love this idea. Do you know that you can convert the roll-off dumpster rental into a skating arena? Well, if you haven’t we assure you that it can be used as a skating ramp. As a matter of fact, skateboarders and thrill lovers keep on looking for new places and challenges.

The interesting fact about this idea is that you can make it challenging for yourself. How? Simply use different sizes of dumpsters and practice your moves on them. And that’s not just all, you can create your own skating arena, using all five dumpster sizes.

6.   Transform The Dumpster Into a Bathroom:

Another interesting and quite a smart use of a roll-off dumpster rental is transforming it into a bathroom. It’s surprising to know that you can actually put up the waste disposing of the bin, into a bathroom. Though unusual, this roll-off dumpster bathroom, in fact, a pretty good option.

7.   Get A Space For Your Private Conversations:

We have already discussed that roll-off dumpsters could make great bench gardens, but do you know that you convert the dumpster containers into innovative sitting chairs? Not only you can use dumpster rental to make a good sitting accessory but also use it like a living room or something close to the idea of a living room.

8.   Make An Outdoor Playhouse For Kids:

The last but not least use of the roll-off dumpster rental is creating it into something your kids would love. We are talking about transforming it into an outdoor playhouse. With some nice paint colors and playhouse accessories, you can surprise your little ones with a roll-off dumpster playhouse. You can give it a more personalized touch by using some theme that you kids love such as you can make it look like a star war spaceship.

Are Old Dumpsters Expensive?

Ordinarily, the rental rates for dumpsters could range from $150 to $500. But it is not a standard cost, as the price could vary based on your location, size of the dumpster and number of days you are going to rent the roll-off dumpster.

Whereat one end the rent for the dumpsters ould go as up as $900, getting an old, and used dumpster could cost you only $90 or even less. You can also find it for free at the junk-yard. The rest of the upcycling cost depends on what sort of ideas you are going to implement, to convert this trash removal into something creative and interesting.

Precautions and Limitations Of a Roll-off Dumpster:

No matter how safe and convenient the dumpster containers are, there are certain limitations to them as well. To avoid any mishap or inconvenience it is important to know about all the precautions and limitations of roll-off dumpster rental.

Here is a brief list of almost all the limitations and things that you should try near or with the dumpster containers:

  • Despite the good quality material, it is not advised to burn fire or anything within th dumpster.
  • Do not smoke cigarettes anywhere around the dumpster, especially when it loaded with debris and composed of PVC.
  • Whether you are using the dumpster for its usual use or converting it into a creative piece, don’t let your kids go near it.
  • Always wash and clean the dumpster first before transforming it into your desired DIY thing.


Dumpster rental, no doubt is a great waste management technique. It is efficient, convenient, quick, affordable and cost-effective. Moreover, these waste disposal containers are perfectly safe to be used. But in addition to waste management, you can also use these dumpsters to add some more creativity in your life.

How would you transform the dumpster rental, depends on your preference and what you are looking for? The above dumpster rental up-cycling ideas are just a few out of many. And you are free to use to creativity and ideas to transform this waste bin into something creative, amazing and surprising.

We are sure some of you are pretty excited to lay their hands on these dumpster upcycling tricks! So what’s stopping you? Take out your tools, get an old dumpster and bring out your creativity!